Kristina Sara Johnson

Computer scientist, CG artist, animator, musician (harp, viola da gamba, vielle d'archet).

I've kept my skills list here deliberately short because I'm not looking for another job at the moment. I'm really looking forward to a few milestones in the HPC project I'm working on.

I do seem to attract job offers anyway. While this is a lovely compliment, I won't feel compelled to work at your company simply because you have a diversity and inclusion policy. It's great that you have one! I'll be looking forward to reading comprehensive data and analytics to prove that your policy is working faster than generational change. I'll also be interested in salary transparency, annual reports and the diversity of your board. I'll be interested to know that if I work for you, there will be opportunities to grow my career.

Regrettably, I will not be available to do coding tests for the random job offers that arrive in my inbox with no information about the role and no indication of salary. I'm also very sorry to say that because I am an experienced team lead I will not be interested in junior or mid roles.

Some code examples

Dendrogram matrix - visualise small hierarchies of categories
Hilbert curves from L-systems
Quadratic Koch curves from L-systems
Draw precise spirographs
More examples on GitHub


Vibration analysis of planet gear bore-rim failure using enhanced planet time synchronous averaging
Animated film to accompany the above paper

Animation demo reel

Animation generated from scientific data